Our business is all about people – and we know that our clients love getting to know our team better. This month, we’re putting the spotlight on Yvonne Cope, a company director.

Time at PMHR:

9 years. I am married to the MD Niel so I have been involved since day one!

You are a Director of PHMR – what does that mean in real terms?

In essence, I hold the purse strings! I am in charge of finance, invoicing and cash flow. It’s an important role to ensure that the business keeps on track and grows the way that we want it to.

The best bit of the job?

The satisfaction of paying the bills and being able to tick them off my to-do list! I also particularly enjoy saying no to Niel when he asks for something outrageous – believe me, I’ve heard them all!

How should employers handle millennials?

Understand that they are the business leaders of the future and treat them with respect. This generation is incredibly switched on and so it’s important to keep them engaged, as well as informed. In addition, they need a lot of support in their roles. In many areas, they have far more knowledge than us oldies. But they are at the start of their careers and so don’t necessarily have the business experience and acumen necessary. It’s our role to teach them this.

What’s the way forward for HR in our digital age? Could the job ever be automated?

I think not, as you would lose the human touch. This is so important to us – after all, we named our business after it. We really do believe that People Matter.

A little-known fact about Yvonne Cope?

I was 40 years old before I found out I did not have a middle name. My dad told me my middle name was Kathleen after my grandma, goodness knows why!

What’s your superpower?

The Devil is in the detail – I’ve got a bit of a reputation for insisting that things are spot on, which is just as well in my role!