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Outsourced HR Packages

Outsourced HR Packages

HR packages - People Matters

Businesses come in lots of different shapes and sizes – so “one size fits all” HR packages will never make sense

We understand that just like people, different businesses have different needs – and our outsourced HR UK packages reflect this.

Whether at the start of the growth cycle or a long established organisation, we help businesses  manage their people more effectively, helping them to be the best version of themselves. What all organisations have in common is that when a team feels valued, seen and engaged, the results speak for themselves and include:

  • Better overall performance
  • Less sick days
  • More effective leadership
  • Improved morale and retention rates

People Matters HR offer a comprehensive range of HR services, tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and its people. From developing and implementing an effective recruitment strategy, advice on employee relations, compliance and regulations to dealing with difficult personnel issues, we can provide support at every stage.

The best bit? You’ll get access to our highly qualified team of HR professionals at a fraction of the cost of employing someone in house.

Whether you are looking for advice on employee relations or compliance and regulations, our team can help you find the answers. If you would like to discuss how People Matters HR can help your organisation, please contact us on 0161 738 1808 or email

Business packages: Entrepreneurial

Entrepreneurial Business HR Support Package

When you start out as a business, the right support is crucial to your success. Our Entrepreneurial Package offers HR business support service from trusted advisors, contracts and a time saving, cost effective system to help you manage your people.


Business packages: Established

Established Business HR Department Package

As businesses grow, so does their need for sound HR support. Our Established Business HR Department Package ideal for organisations with five or more staff, we’ll provide business HR solutions and support to manage your people – at a fraction of the cost of in-house HR.

Exceptional Business HR Partnership Package

Exceptional Business HR Partnership Package

Exceptional businesses understand that in order to grow, looking after their people needs to be at the centre of all they do. The PMHR Team will take a proactive approach, to ensure that your staff are working to achieve business objectives, performing at their best and benefiting from strong professional leadership, this ‘hands on’ HR partnership package led by our CEO is the option for you.

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