People Matters HR, a prominent HR consultancy in the North West, offers customised HR consultancy benefits through a variety of retainer packages. These packages cater to diverse business types and growth stages, all sharing a common goal: enhancing professional people management with expert HR support, while keeping costs significantly lower than in-house employment. Discover the 4 compelling HR consultancy benefits that can transform your business with People Matters HR.

Taking the emotion out of a situation
It’s a well known fact that many of us spend more of our waking hours with our colleagues than we do with our families. Relationships are formed, friendships are made and people really get to know one another well.
That’s all well and good – until a problem arises. Be is a disciplinary, a performance review or even a redundancy – it can be very difficult for a manager to sit in front of someone they have got to know extremely well and think impartially.
An outsourced HR agency can provide a very objective view, offering the ability to remove all emotion from a situation and focus on what is right, with all emotion put to the side.

Cost and effect
Now more than ever, businesses are needing to keep a handle on their costs. With a fixed price to pay each month, many of our clients appreciate knowing exactly where they stand in that respect. Whereas it is possible to pay for HR on a project by project basis, with a retainer service, you can gain access to a variety of services as and when it is appropriate for you to use them. You may need help one month and none the next.

In addition, you never know when any people issues may arise and it is possible that having HR support readily available and in place could help in preventing certain issues or diffusing them before they escalate.

Keeping a business out of trouble

Employment laws are complex, fast paced and ever changing. It can be a full time job keeping on top of them – as we well know! It’s absolutely essential that businesses keep on top of what’s new and what is in the pipeline, in order to be compliant, do the right thing by their employees – and stay out of trouble.

In challenging times, it can be tempting for businesses to save a few quid and turn to google – or even worse, their mate down the pub – for HR advice. And yes, we have actually seen this happening recently – and helped to pick up the pieces. The costs of this can be huge, in terms of finances (take unfair dismissal for example) and also in terms of reputation. A professional outsourced HR consultancy does all of that for you, meaning that as a business you can mitigate the legal risks of none compliance with HR laws. Unfair dismissals average 7k, as well as legal fees and damage to reputation – so with that in mind, can your business afford to take the risk?

Improve recruitment and culture
While no one knows an organisation and it’s culture like the senior leadership team, an outsourced HR company can make huge inroads in improving it. A consultancy can offer a full birdseye view and pick on things that business owners might not see – simply as they are fully focused on the day to day running of the business.
We often find that employees will open up to an external consultant, building strong relationships and trust very quickly. This can be for many reasons, but top of the list is feeling they can speak openly and freely without the fear of perceived recriminations or rocking the boat.
Business often report huge shifts in their culture for the better when engaging a consultancy, with staff evolving both professionally and personally.

These are just a few of the many HR consultancy benefits you can enjoy when entrusting your organisation’s HR needs to a professional consultancy. If you’d like more information on how People Matters HR can support your business give us a call on 0161 738 1808.