Our business is all about people – and we know that our clients love getting to know our team better. This month, we’re putting the spotlight on Steph Kirkham, our brand new HR Advisor.

Time at PMHR: Just a few months – but I’ve settled in so quickly, it feels like I’ve been here forever – in a good way, of course!

Job title: HR Advisor. It’s my job to be an advocate for PMHR and to establish rapport with our clients by providing professional HR advice and support to them, on all matters of people management and development.

Best bit of the job? Hard to pick just one best bit, there are a few! But to pick one, it would have to be the team! They are all unique, supportive, and fab at what they do. My time so far at PMHR has been amazing because of the people around me. Of course, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, as is with any place of work – but regardless of the day we are having, they always make it fun! My colleagues have made me feel like part of the PMHR family from day one, been 100% supportive and been the source of many belly laughs! The perfect ingredients for a happy worklife.

What is your career background?: I’ve had a varied career, starting off in insolvency as a cashier and then administrator. I spent a yea as an accounts assistant and then I side stepped in to HR and I’ve never looked back! I obtained my L3 CIPD Diploma in Human Resource Practice during my employment with WRPS Group Ltd and now it is great to use my knowledge to advise a variety of businesses.

Why did you want to join PMHR?: I’m actually a previous client of PMHR and loved how the business operates. The team opened my mind in terms of HR and I learnt a lot from them. I wanted to continue my learning journey and when I realised there was an opportunity to apply for a vacancy at PMHR, I jumped at the chance! Learning from the best and working alongside an amazing team, with a company culture that reflects my own personal values – what more could a girl ask for?

The most memorable HR situation you have ever had?: My previous employer was in the construction industry, specifically residential development for social housing. It was during my earlier years with the company, and I was helping the resident liaison officer on site. A resident requested a visit to talk through the works to be undertaken to his property. After knocking on his door, he shouted to come in – only to find him naked on his chair covered only by a small blanket! Safe to say I am thankful for that blanket! It was there and then that I decided a Resident Liaison Officer role was not for me!

What is the biggest threat to the industry?: I would have to say the biggest threat is the forever changing external factors that impact significantly on HR Professionals. An example of this is the recent pandemic, which has impacted on businesses in so many different ways such as an increase in redundancies, the struggles to meet recruitment needs and increase in sickness absence due to poor mental health. We are continuously having to find ways to adapt and change to ensure we stay responsive and current to the changing world of business.

What’s the way forward for businesses?: I am relatively new to this world of business and have recently been introduced to Networking, although I am no pro (yet), I now know and believe that it’s not what you know, it is who you know! Networking, when done right, can pay dividends for the growth and success of a company.

What’s the future for HR?: I believe IT – and I feel like we are the future of IT at PMHR. After being released from a metaphorical locked cupboard in previous roles, I am in awe of what can be achieved via technology! The path of cloud computing, communication platforms, management systems etc are the way forward. The possibilities are endless when you consider how far a business can go and reach when you utilise these technologies to their full potential.

A little-known fact about yourself?: Not sure if I should be saying this, but I think the team can agree, I can be gullible and too trusting! Fallen victim to their jokes and pranks on too many occasions already!

What’s your super power?: Hmm… tricky just to pick one – but I would have to go with the power of a Healer… to heal people of their pain and troubles and put smiles on faces.