At People Matters HR, we like to get to know our team! Gemma Hatton has recently joined us as HR Administrator.

Tell us about your day to day roll: I provide support to the team by doing the essential but time-consuming admin tasks, which enables them to free up their time to concentrate on the needs of our clients.

Best bit of the job? Being involved in such a varied scope of HR aspects and the learning opportunities this brings. I love seeing how the team think and approach each situation and tailor their responses to each clients requirements, rather than just giving stock answers.

What is your career background? The main part of my career was based in the legal sector as a legal secretary. However, after returning to work from maternity leave over 5 years ago, I went down the temporary work path and enjoyed some unique roles, and included a work trip to Canada, which have expanded my skillset and built my confidence.

Why did you want to join PMHR? I wanted to re-train in a new sector and HR has always been in the back of my mind. When I discovered PMHR and their consultancy service for various companies/sectors, it seemed like a fantastic place to learn and grow. Then when I met the team, it just felt like the perfect fit as the teamwork/work-family dynamic is something that is very important to me. 3 months in – and I was right!

The most memorable job you have ever had? The most memorable job I have ever had was working for a Canadian company that provided coaching and support for entrepreneurs in the UK, for which we managed the preparation, finance and workshop events. It included working trips to London, a trip to Canada and meeting many entrepreneurs who provided insight into their amazing companies and skills. It was a fabulous opportunity!

What is the biggest threat to the industry? The external factors that are out of our control, for example Covid and the impact it has had and how it has forced many companies to close.
However, on the flip-side, this has also brought more opportunities than ever to help within businesses as they find their feet and require guidance in the new way of working.

What’s the future for business IT? The pandemic has shown us that IT is now a necessity in the workplace and it can be used to your advantage in enabling the business to operate. Us as HR professionals working with an agile working pattern can have access to all the information we need to be able to communicate with all of our clients from whenever we are working, including onsite with clients.
Teams and Zoom help us to communicate better than ever without unnecessary travels which benefits our carbon footprint. These days it is a necessity for companies of all sizes to have an effective HR system so that information can be held securely but accessible for both employers and employees. Our BreatheHR system is second to non in this area and it has been so easy to learn.

A little-known fact about yourself? I have found a love for walking and have signed myself up to complete the Yorkshire 3 Peaks – trying to challenge myself in new ways. Also, I’m a huge softy when it comes to dogs, I melt – they are very much my weakness.

What’s your super power? The ability to sense when a good brew is needed. It’s very useful in a HR company!