We’ve all heard of the seven-year itch. You might even have watched the film. Perhaps you subscribe to the belief that after seven years many couples become bored of each other. The monotony of every day life gets them down. It’s when the honeymoon period is well and truly over.

For many who finds themselves in this predicament a change of scenery can do them good. A look back on what they have achieved and a look forward to what they want to do in the future.  Reviewing what’s worked well in the past. Ditching the things that maybe are no longer as good as they used to be, to make way for something new.

Now, don’t worry – we’re not taking our expertise in business relationships and turning our hands to marriage guidance. Though, we do have a bit of an announcement to make.

You see, People Matters HRC has been operating for a little over seven years. Seven years and five months, to be precise.  Like many relationships, we’ve had our highs and our lows. We’ve come through challenges, we’ve learnt, we’ve grown and we’ve looked around and wondered what comes next.

Seven years seems like a good time to make a bit of a change. After all, People Matters HRC itself has changed a lot since those early days, where it was just Niel sat at his kitchen table aggressively waiting for the phone to ring.

With that in mind, we’re delighted to announce that People Matters HRC will now be officially known as People Matters HR.

OK, calm down. We know that’s probably not going to make the hugest difference to many, if any of you.  The vast majority of people simply refer to us as People Matters anyway. However, there’s more to it than a slight name change.

We’ve also got a brand new logo. It’s something that’s been a long time in the making. We owe a massive thank you to Paul from Think, for working so hard (and so patiently) with us over the last few months.  On top of the new logo, we also have a new look website, which you can explore.

It would be wonderful to hear your thoughts, and any feedback you may have on the new look and design.

The good news is that although we may look a little different and might be going be a slightly different name, we’re still offering the same exceptional service and outsourced HR that suits all shapes and sizes of business.

However, we will be launching a new range of packages to help ensure that we continue to meet your needs, and the needs of your business as you move forward with your plans for this year, and the coming years.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far on our journey, we look forward to continuing working with you in the future.

Niel & the team at People Matters

PS: You can watch our unveiling video here, via YouTube.