At People Matters HR, one of the North West’s leading HR Consultancies, our clients benefit from a range tailor made HR retainer packages, aimed at different types of business often at different stages of the growth cycle. The one thing that they have is common is that the business has recognised a need to manage their people more professionally, with the HR support of experts, at a fraction of the cost of employing someone in house.

All your HR needs under one roof
Time and time again, our clients tell us the same thing – they love the practicalities and ease of having all of their HR requirements covered by one organisation, that offers a breadth of services for all of their needs. Instead of having to contact different specialists for each enquiry, it’s one call – or email – making the whole operation far easier. As well as keeping things simple, the outcomes are usually far more streamline.

Understanding your business
Just like people, every organisation is different, with its own needs and requirements. Working with the same business on a very regular basis means that we can really get to know our clients businesses. We develop a full understanding of the challenges they face, the people employed and the business objectives.

In addition, having a retainer service in place allows for building a trusting relationship with the service provider in order to better understand and meet your needs and achieve optimum productivity.

Cost and effect
Now more than ever, businesses are needing to keep a handle on their costs. With a fixed price to pay each month, many of our clients appreciate knowing exactly where they stand in that respect. Whereas it is possible to pay for HR on a project by project basis, with a retainer service, you can gain access to a variety of services as and when it is appropriate for you to use them. You may need help one month and none the next.

In addition, you never know when any people issues may arise and it is possible that having HR support readily available and in place could help in preventing certain issues or diffusing them before they escalate.

A proactive approach
We’re passionate that good HR consultants shouldn’t simply sit in the background like an insurance policy, just on the off chance that something goes wrong. Effective HR is all about being proactive – and retainers allow us to do just that, proactively anticipate needs and plan accordingly. The offer a birds eye view of a business with plenty of forward planning, meaning that we are able to plan, anticipate and prepare. In essence, it keeps us one step ahead of the game.

If you think that your business could benefit from a HR retainer, get in touch today on 0161 738 1808.