Do you have excellent leaders guiding your company today? When people have confidence in their leaders, they put in more time, work creatively, and engage with customers and teammates. If that confidence is lacking, people typically do the bare minimum to continue getting paid.

Far too often, companies put people into leadership positions without any guidance. These workers receive instructions and expectations without any mentorship. By using professional leadership and development training regularly, you’ll have more people leading others while abiding by the current policies and procedures

People Matters HR CEO Niel Cope is delivering an intensive leadership program consisting of 6, half-day workshops, each of which focusses on specific areas of leadership and has been specifically written to address the challenges faced by businesses today.

Who should attend the course? 

The course is particularly useful for managers and leaders who have moved into a role by promotion or recruitment who have received little if any, training in how to lead people.

Incorporating leadership development into your organisational routine can correct the downward spiral of non-engagement. It works to motivate your top executives, engage the leaders, and improve your culture. After all – when you have a positive atmosphere that people enjoy, retention levels start rising.

When does the course begin?

The course will be delivered over six weeks, commencing on 28th April 2022 and accessible to all via Zoom or a combination of zoom and classroom. Each workshop lasts three hours, timed to give maximum impact with minimum interruption to operational work. These workshops will cover the following topics.

What workshops will be delivered?

The course offers a comprehensive programme covering all aspects of leadership in business today.

Workshop One – Role of the Leader

  • Leadership v Management
  • Leadership styles
  • No problems, only solutions
  • Personal responsibility – self and others
  • Knowing yourself and being authentic

Workshop two: leading the teams

  • Communication
  • Active listening
  • Diversity
  • Perception – exploring another’s point of view
  • One team one machine
  • Team leadership

Workshop three: decision making

  • No problem, only solutions
  • The five whys – root cause analysis
  • Decision making
  • Resilience
  • Mental Health
  • Able Future Support

Workshop Four

  • Time Management
  • HR Quiz – The implications of managing people

 Workshop five – Managing HR Issues

  • Investigations
  • Discipline
  • Grievance
  • Absence
  • Performance
  • Capability

Workshop six – Recruitment and Selection

  • A cost or an investment?
  • Job Analysis – What do you really need
  • Job description and Person Specifications – Your Shopping List
  • Recording – Can you defend your decisions
  • Shortlisting – Getting it right and using your shopping list
  • Effective Interviewing – Ask the right questions
  • Making the decision – Making your purchase
  • Pre – employment checks – don’t get stung

Interested? Then take the next step

The cost is £600 per delegate for the whole program and booking is now open. It will be run at BusinessLodge, Barcroft Street, Bury.  Please contact us on or 0161 738 1808.