We can’t quite believe that this month, PMHR celebrate 10 years in business! We’re still amazed at how quickly it happens; it seems as though one day you’re setting up a new company-and the next you’re celebrating 10 years in business! It’s been the fastest decade of our lives and while success doesn’t come without lots of hard work, we can be extremely proud of what we have achieved as a team in that time.

As one of the North West’s leading HR consultancies, Bury-based People Matters HR are sharing a few tips for creating a winning formula-after all they did the trick for us!

Invest in a good coffee machine
If anyone asks how we take our coffee, the answer has to be; very seriously indeed!
Ok-all things in moderation as the saying goes- but we certainly rely on its ability to set us up for the day. What’s more, it turns out that a cup of joe may provide surprising benefits not only for cardiovascular health, but by reducing the risk of certain diseases and boosting longevity, all while helping to keep us lively from 9 until 5.

Build a Strong Team
We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our dedicated People Matters HR team. Every member contributes something positive to our workforce, ensuring we achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do. We pride ourselves on being a flexible employer who accommodates its staff whenever we can. In turn we know that they will go the extra mile for us when we need them to.

Get the layout of the office right
As we’ve mentioned, looking after staff wellbeing is the foundation for success whatever your business. When it comes to the office interior, it’s definitely not just about how many people can be crammed into a square metre! An attractive layout that facilitates good communication but allows individuals their personal space will enhance productivity as well as levels of satisfaction among employees. This year we’ve taken things a step further with the fantastic addition of our Hub, allowing the team of the flexibility of agile working. It’s possibly the best thing we’ve ever done!

Have a clear vision of how you want your business to develop
It’s crucial to decide where you want your business to be five or ten years from now. Having planned exactly how you’re going to get there, the next step is to implement it. As you go forward, assess it at regular intervals before making appropriate changes as necessary along the way. As they say, a business that doesn’t have defined objectives is wandering, lost in the woods.  We’ve had to change things up on the odd occasion – but the vision we set out to achieve 10 years ago is pretty much where we are right now.

Hire a good accountant
A good accountant is worth their weight in gold! They will identify wasteful expenditure and opportunities for you to save cash. They’ll examine every aspect of your company to ensure it’s as cost effective as it can be. Ultimately this leaves you to focus on the nuts and bolts of the operation that is the day to day running of the business itself.

So, ten years down the line-a host of satisfied clients and numerous awards later- here we are! Clearly we are doing things right which means that we can be sure of going from strength to strength as the future beckons!