Outsourced HR
Solutions in Bury

Outsourced HR Solutions in Bury

People Matters HR provides comprehensive HR solutions in Bury, designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

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We offer a complete range of HR services to support your efficient people management. This involves setting up and managing cloud-based HR systems like BreatheHR. We also provide staff handbooks, HR policies and contracts.

Our services ensure organisations comply with current legislation and effectively attract, manage and retain staff. With a team of highly experienced HR consultants in Bury, we offer comprehensive services to businesses.

Practical and Professional HR Services

People Matters HR provide outsourced HR services, from creating employment contracts and employee handbooks to developing HR policies and procedures. We also offer Health & Safety services to help ensure that workplaces are compliant with regulations, making them safe and healthy places for staff and customers alike.

We will supply, set up, manage and support your own cloud-based HR system – BreatheHR. This system is designed to make the HR process more efficient, helping you to manage your staff and increase productivity.

With our HR solutions in Bury, we can help develop a clear people management strategy that aligns with your business goals. If you are looking for an HR managed service provider in Bury that can provide support in managing your people effectively, then People Matters HR is the ideal choice.

Our HR department doesn’t just improve employee performance, but we also help leaders and their teams break negative habits. We do this by offering services like DISC psychometric assessments and NLP coaching. These tools work together to provide a well-rounded skill set development experience.

Here are some of the HR services we can offer as leading HR consultants:

Leadership Development and People Management Training

We provide comprehensive training and development for leaders to ensure they are equipped with the skills to guide and direct their teams effectively.

Organisational Development

The organisational development strategy we offer in Bury is designed to create an organisational structure that works for your business. We take into account your people and their goals, as well as the overall goals of your business, to develop a plan that will help everyone succeed.

Change Management

Our HR services in Bury cover change management, helping you to manage and respond to changes quickly and proactively. This includes supporting business acquisitions with managing TUPE transfers.

Health and Safety

We can provide Health & Safety services to ensure your business is compliant with legislation, making it a safe and healthy place for staff and customers.

Occupational Health

Our HR consultants can provide specialist advice and support on occupational health, helping you to ensure the well-being of your staff.

HR Consultancy Bury

Being a local, Bury-based company, we are able to work with a wide range of businesses in the city and its surrounding areas. We understand that all businesses are different. As such, we take a tailored approach to ensure our HR solutions in Bury meet your specific needs.

With our HR team’s experience in many areas of human resources, you can be certain you’re receiving excellent advice and help. We have a professional and friendly approach, providing practical solutions that enable organisations to manage their people effectively.

It can be difficult to always know what the latest employee legislation, human resource developments, and best practices are. However, by using our HR services in Bury, you can rest assured knowing that your business is compliant and running as smoothly as possible. Having immediate access with practical, effective support for all HR matters helps to save time and money, while also helping to ensure the success of your business. ​​

Benefits of using People Matters HR

Experienced HR consultants with a wealth of knowledge and experience

  • Professional and friendly service, tailored to your specific needs
  • Practical solutions to help manage people effectively
  • Cost-effective HR outsourcing
  • Compliance advice to stay up to date with the latest employee legislation
  • Access to cloud-based HR system – BreatheHR

People Matters are a HR managed service provider who are committed to providing the best HR solutions in Bury. At our company, we know that people are integral to any thriving business. As such, our HR consultants work tirelessly to provide you with the best advice and support possible.

At People Matters HR, we want to help your business excel, and our HR solutions in Bury are designed specifically for you. We now offer a professional payroll advice service. Let our experts manage your payroll on your behalf. Carrying out HR audits, our team provide a detailed diagnostic report with recommendations. Our services also include developing employee engagement and performance manage strategies.

We understand that people are a key component in any successful business. This is why our team of experienced HR consultants strive to ensure you have access to the expert advice and support you need. We Manage sickness absences and we partner with experienced highly qualified occupational health doctors and nurses have a partnership who carry out occupational health appointments and provide medical advice to manage I’ll health and long term sickness absence. We can offer employee benefits such as private medical care, NHS top up policies, pensions and insurance to attract, reward and retain your valuable employees.

HR Solutions in Bury

Our HR consultancy services in Bury are perfect for businesses of any size. We’ll help you manage your staff more efficiently and free up time to focus on developing your company. If you’re looking for an experienced HR consultancy in Bury that can provide reliable advice and support, get in touch with People Matters HR today!

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